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20 January 2018

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This site provides information about photographers active in the United States from 1844 to 1950. The information comes from city directories, business and industry directories, classified advertising, tax lists, census, published sources and photographer's marks on the images themselves.
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Go to Photographer Lists in the navigation bar. The links Photographers A, Photographers B and so forth will give all photographer names beginning with a letter of the alphabet. Hover over the letter of the alphabet and the sections will appear underneath, for instance Aa to Ak is to the individual listings for the photographers in the database.

It will be common for a photographer to appear in the list of the photographers for any letter of the alphabet and yet not appear with a detailed listing.
Information is constantly being added, so if you see a name in the lists and cannot find the details about that photographer, it means it's in the database but has not been posted yet.

Please check back for updates.

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Photo Comparison Service

Analysis and Comparison of one photo compared to one, two or three photos suspected to be of the same person.

January Featured Photographer

T. B. Warner,
Richmondville, New York
Carte de visite by T. B. Warner, Richmondville, New York 1862-1866

Photo Dating Service

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Carte de Visite by Jonathan Good of Trenton, New Jersey (late 1860's)
1889 City Directory Advertisement for Butterfield & Ralston, photographers, of Sioux Falls, Dakota Territory

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